Kliment Ivanov Architects


London, United Kingdom




250 m




Competition Entry

London Bridge 800: Design an Inhabited Bridge — RIBA Ideas Competition

United Kingdom


RIBA Competitions Office

Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects (WCCA)

The competition is organized to mark the 800th anniversary of the opening of the first London Bridge over the River Thames, which was initially an inhabited bridge.

A building upon the London Bridge is unique – it is over the River Thames! Recognizing this fact, the first level of the building is used only for cafes and restaurants, as having a drink over the river is an unsurpassed experience. Upper levels are entirely residential, the flats having the most exquisite view in London. 

The building consists of two main elements – a single-storey ribbon-like part, which follows the contour of the bridge, and two 5-storey elliptical volumes, aligned with the bridge’s supports. In this way, uninterrupted view along the river and natural wind-flow are provided.

Driverless electrical motorcars, controlled by a computer and powered by batteries, provide the public transport. They move on wheels along fixed route, defined by a guiding rail in the floor. Five cars operate for each direction, transporting 100 passengers at a time. The power is supplied by the photovoltaic cells in the roofs of the elliptical volumes.