Kliment Ivanov Architects


Port of Piraeus, Greece



Gross Floor Area:

9 000 m2


24 storeys




Competition Entry

Piraeus Tower 2010 – Changing the Face / Façades Reformation — International Architectural Competition



GreekArchitects.gr & DuPont Hellas

Piraeus is one of the symbols of Greece as its largest port. The tower is the most remarkable contemporary structure in the city and the first one seen from the sea. As a renewed symbol of Piraeus it can become a new symbol of the country too.

The Greek flag is beautiful, with an easily recognizable clear and simple design. The proportions of the tower match almost exactly these of the flag. It is superimposed on two of the elevations as a three-dimensional structure, projecting form the façade plane and serving also as sun-shades.

The tower’s proportions convey the feeling of a much lower building. For compensation, a new free-standing structure is raised on top, making the building higher and shading the top-floor terrace.

A pattern of opaque dots is applied on the glass to reduce the sunlight. They are larger on the upper floors and decrease to the lower ones. The dots are painted in white and black, according to the colours of the flag.